Pole 2: Biomolecules : analyses, molecular and cellular interactions
Resp. : Fabienne BURLINA


Bolbach Gérard
Burlina Fabienne
Cribier Sophie *
Drujon Thierry
Gautier Arnaud
Illien Françoise
Lacombe Claire *
Pietrancosta Nicolas
Ravault Delphine
Rodriguez Nicolas *
Sachon Emmanuelle #
Sagan Sandrine #
Walrant Astrid

Doctorants, postdoc
Ben Aissa Hela *
Broch Fanny *
Cosset Marine #
Desert Alexandre #
Dhayer Nathalie *
Gehan Pauline *
Gomez Valentin #
He Bingwei #
Hervis Valdes Yadira
Le Jeune Mathilde *
Letrou Mathieu *
Sadowski Elodie

* ED 388
# ED 406

The team "Analysis, Molecular and Cellular Interactions" (2009, starting date of the Five-Year Contract of the LBM) is composed of biochemists, biophysicists and chemists, academics and researchers, involved in studying, at the molecular and cellular levels, the membrane translocation and internalization pathways of cell-penetrating peptides (CPP) and homeodomains, the interaction of membrane-active peptides (MAP) with model membranes, the perturbation of membranes by MAP, the interaction of annexin with biological membranes, the control and regulation of DNA and Histones methylation, and the development of dedicated chemical tools

  • Partner of GDR 3334 (Supramolecular assembly and biological membrane) involving about 50     laboratories

  • Partner of GDR 3070 (Physique de la Cellule au Tissu) involving about 75 laboratories

  • Partner of GDR 3625 (MultiFonction des Peptides AntiMicrobiens) involving about 40 laboratories

  • The team is partner of Labex MiChem, 2011, Multi-scales integrated Chemistry: from single molecules to nano-objects, (Coord: C. Aubert, IPCM, Sorbonne Université ; coord in LBM: S. Sagan)

Major Research Themes

i) Dynamics of model and biological membranes

  • Peptide interaction with biological membranes (Antimicrobial peptide, CPP, viral)

  • Analysis of the internalization mechanisms of CPP in cells

  • Model membrane, membrane lipid heterogeneity and perturbation by peptides

  • Protein interaction with biological membrane (annexin)

ii) Development of methodological tools

  • Proteomic Analysis: identification and characterization of proteins

  • Analysis by MS of post-translational modifications (phosphorylation, acylation, methylation, disulfide bridge, L or D-amino acid)

  • Quantification by MS of intracellular peptides or proteins

  • Membrane proteins MS analysis

  • Approaches for native chemical ligation

iii) Chemobiological approaches for the study of epigenetic targets

Design, synthesis and use of chemical tools to probe the mechanism, regulation and biological role of epigenetic enzymes

iv) Fundamental aspects in mass spectrometry

  • Quantification in MS

  • Peptide fragmentation mechanism in MALDI

  • Ion production mechanism in MALDI


  • Peptide synthesis, HPLC

  • Cell culture (bacteria, eukaryote)

  • Protein expression and purification by FPLC

  • Protein engineering: electrophoresis, electrotransfert, immunodetection, in-gel digestion for MS analysis

  • Purification biotin/streptavidin, C18, C8, TiO2, Ni2+, Co2+

  • Microscopy : evanescent wave, phase contrast, fluorescence

  • Photoaffinity labeling

  • Fluorescence, absorbance spectroscopy

  • Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)

  • Calorimetry (Isothermal Titration ; Differential Scanning)

  • Model membrane : GUV, MLV, LUV

  • Mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF, TOF-TOF, nanoLC-ESI

  • Antimicrobial assays


lien pubmed Analyse, Interactions Moléculaires et Cellulaires 

Grants (coordination and partnerships)

  • ANR-PHOTO-CHANNELS (2007-2011) (Coord. C. Tribet, ENS; partn: S. Cribier)

  • ANR-ACTINEPOL (2005-2009) (Coord. S. Sagan; part: E. Guittet, ICSN; C. Auclair, ENS Cachan)

  • ANR Fun-MALDI (2009-2012) (Coord. I. Fournier, partn: G. Bolbach)

  • ANR Fac (2010-2013) (Coord. P. Karoyan, LBM; partnership: D. Guianvarc'h, S.Sagan)

  • ANR ParaHP, Cell biology of homeoproteins, (2010-2013), (Coord: A. Joliot, CIRB, CdF; partn. LBM: S. Sagan)

  • ANR DRUGMET (2006-2010) (Coord. P. Arimondo, MNHN; Partn: D. Guianvarc'h)

  • ANR PepVec4Ther, Peptide based nanostructure for the delivery of therapeutics, 2007-2010, Coordinator: G. Divita (CRBM). (Coord for LBM: F. Burlina)

  • ANR ProbDom, Probing lipid membrane domains using peptides grafted on nano-magnetic particles, 2007-2011, Coordinator: Prof. G. Trugnan (UMR-S 538); Coord for LBM: G. Chassaing, Partnership: J. Ayala-Sanmartin, F. Burlina, S. Sagan)

  • Ile de France DIM maladie infectieuses (2011-2013) (Coord. S. Cribier)

  • ANRS contrat d'initiation 2009 (coord. S. Sagan)
  • Emergence UPMC, In Cell NMR, 2009-2012, (Coord: O. Lequin, LBM; partnership: F. Burlina, S. Sagan)

  • Emergence UPMC, 2011 (Coord: D. Guianvarc'h)

  • Programme Interdisciplinaire CNRS Soutien à la prise de Risques (2010) (Coord: PA Defossez, Paris 7; Partn: D. Guianvarc'h)

  • Fondation Pierre Gilles de Gennes, PSL (Coord: D. Guianvarc'h)

  • Emergence UPMC 2016 (Coord: N. Rodriguez)

  • PICS-PRC-Japon 2015-2016 (Coord: S. Sagan)

  • ANR TP-peptides (2016-2019) (Coord: P. Dalko ; Partn : F. Burlina)

  • BIDUL-Labex Michem (Coord: AJ Attias ; Partn : S. Sagan)

  • European HIVERA DELIN 2014-2017 (Coord : M. Castanho Portugal ; Partn : S. Sagan)

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