Pole 1: Peptides, glycoconjugates and metals in biology
Resp. : Laurence Grimaud


Hélène Bertrand
Cillian Byrne
Laurent Cattiaux
Gérard Chassaing
Nicolas Delsuc
Blaise Dumat
Geraldine Gazzah
Laurence Grimaud
Philippe Karoyan
François Lambert
Jean-Maurice Mallet
Christelle Mansuy
Rodrigue Marquant
Roba Moumne
Clotilde Policar

Team 1 is constituted of bioorganic and bioinorganic synthetic chemists who share skills, and know-hows for the design and construction of bioactive conjugates and/or devices.
Their complementary expertise in bioinorganic and bioorganic chemistry are devoted in the study of recognition processes in biological membranes and with proteins. Studied chemical objets are of different types such as metal complexes, peptides, proteins, lipopeptides, oligosaccharides, glycoproteins or glycolipids.Affiliation: ED 406: Molecular Chemistry  Paris-Centre

Research Topics

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PhD students, postdoc

Sylvestre Bachollet
Aurélien Bailly
Anne-Sophie Bernard
Agathe Brugo
Koudedja Coulibaly
Nicolas Debons
Antoine Hoste
Manon Isaac
Khaoula Jaouadi
Antonio Mazzoleni
Na Pan
Taleen Peker
Agathe Peyrottes
Gabrielle Schanne
Martha Zoumpoulaki

MàJ 14/10/2019