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Organo-apatites for lead removal from aqueous solutions: A comparison between carboxylic acid and aminophosphonate surface modification
Saoiahi S., Achelhi K., Masse S., Saoiabi A., Laghzizil A., Coradin T.
Colloids and Surface A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 419, 2013, 180-185.
D.O.I.: 10.1016/jcolsurfa.2012.12.005


Introduction of disulfide bridges within silica nanoparticles to control their intra-cellular degradation
Quignard S., Masse S., Laurent G., Coradin T.
Chem. Commum. 2013, 49, 3410-3942
D.O.I.: 10.1039/c3cc41062e


Synthesis and characterization of nanoapatites organofunctionalized with aminotriphosphonate agents.
Saoiabi, A., S. El Asri, A. Laghzizil, S. Masse and J. L. Ackerman
Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Vol., 185, 2012, pp.  95-100.
D.O.I: 10.1016/j.jssc.2011.10.031


Crystallographic and structural transformations of sedimentary chalcedony in flint upon heat treatment.
Schmidt, P., S. Masse, G. Laurent, A. Slodczyk, E. Le Bourhis, C. Perrenoud, J. Livage and F. Fröhlich
Journal of archaeological science, Vol., 39(2012), 2012, pp.  135-144.
D.O.I: 10.1016/j.jas.2011.09.012


Ultrasound-assisted synthesis of mesoporous zirconia-hydroxyapatite nanocomposites and their dual surface affinity for Cr(3+)/Cr(2)O(7)(2-) ions.
Achelhi, K., S. Masse, G. Laurent, C. Roux, A. Laghzizil, A. Saoiabi and T. Coradin
Langmuir, Vol., 27, 2011, pp.  15176-15184.
D.O.I: 10.1021/la2029643


Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous hybrid Silica-Polyacrylamide aerogels and xerogels.
Ramadan, H., T. Coradin, S. Masse and H. El-Rassy
Silicon, Vol., 3(2), 2011, pp.  36-75.
D.O.I: 10.1007/s12633-010-9064-5


Mesostructured silica from amino acid-based surfactant formulations and sodium silicate at neutral pH.
Thomas, B., N. Baccile, S. Masse, S. Rondel, I. Alric, R. Valentin, Z. Mouloungui, F. Babonneau and T. Coradin
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, Vol., 58(1), 2011, pp.  170-174.
D.O.I: 10.1007/s1097101023729


Role of carboxylate chelating agents on the chemical, structural and textural properties of hydroxyapatite.
Achelhi K., Masse S., Laurent G., Saoiabi A., Laghzizil A., Coradin T.
Dalton Trans., Vol. 39, 2010, pp. 10644-10651.
D.O.I.: 10.1039/c0dt00251h


Bacteria encapsulation in colloïdal inorganic matrices : Is it a general method?
Amoura M., Roux C., Masse S., Steunou N., Coradin T.
Compte-Rendu de Chimie, Vol. 13, 2010, pp. 52-57.


Influence of cyclic polyamines on silica formation during the Stöber process.
Masse S., Laurent G., Coradin T.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol. 11, 2009, pp. 10204-10210.


Modification of the Stöber by a polyazamacrocycle leading to unusual core-shell silica nanoparticles.
Masse S., Laurent G., Chuburu F., Cadiou C., Déchamps I., Coradin T.
Langmuir, Vol. 24, 2008, pp. 4026-4031.


Evolution of C-rich SiOC ceramics. Part I. Characterization by Integral Spectroscopic Techniques : Solid State NMR and Raman spectroscopy.
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International Journal of Materials Research, Vol. 97, 2006, pp. 699-709.


Systematic structural characterisationof the high temperature behaviour of nearly-stoichiometric silicon oxycarbideglasses.
H. Bréquel, J. Parmentier, S. Walter, R. Badheka, G. Trimmel, S. Masse,J. Latournerie, P. Dempsey, C. Turquat, A. Desmartin-Chomel, L. Le Neindre-Prum,A. Jayasooriya, D. Hourlier, H. J. Kleebe, G. D. Soraru, D. Enzo and F. Babonneau
Chem. Mater., 2004, Vol. 16, 2585-2598.

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