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**Publications dans revue à C.L., 2005


The generation of mesoporous CeO2 with crystalline pore walls using novel block copolymer tempates
Brezesinski T., Smarsly B., Groenewolt M., Antonietti M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Sanchez C.
Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 156, 2005, pp. 243-248.


Thermally stable nanocrystalline y-alumina layers with highly ordered 3D mesoporosity.
Kummel M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Smarsly B., Brezesinski T., Albouy P.A., Amenitsch H., Sanchez C.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Vol.44, 2005, pp. 4589-4592.


Synthesis of stable aragonite superstructures in a biomimetic crystallization pathway.
Nassif N., Pinna N., Gehrke N., Shirshova N., Tauer K., Antonietti M.
Angew. Chem. int. Ed., Vol. 117, 2005, pp. 6158-6163.


Retrosynthesis of nacre via amorphous precursor particles.
Gehrke N., Cölfen H., Pinna N., Antonietti M., Nassif N.
Chem. Mater., Vol. 17, 2005, pp. 6514-6516.


Superstructures of calcium carbonate crystals by oriented attachment.
Gehrke N., Cölfen H., Pinna N., Antonietti M., Nassif N.
Cryst. Growth Des., Vol. 5, 2005, pp. 1317-1319.


New hybrid bidentate ligands as precursors for smart catalysts.
Goettmann F., Boissière C., Grosso D., Mercier F., Le Floch P., Sanchez C.
Chemistry A European Journal, Vol. 11, 2005, pp. 7416-7426


Electrochemical evidences of morphological transformation in ordered mesoporous titanium oxide thin films.
Etienne M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Sanchez C., Walcarius A.
Chemical Communications, Vol. 36, 2005, pp. 4566-4568.


On the specific filtration mechanism of a mesoporous silica membrane, prepared with non-connecting parallel pores.
Boissière C., Martines M. A. U., Larbot A., Prouzet E.
Journal of Membrane Science, Vol. 251, 2005, pp. 17-28.


Structural characterization of hybrid organic-inorganic materials.
Innocenzi P., Brusatin G., Guglielmi M., Babonneau F.
Handbook of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, Vol. II, Chapter 7, 2005, pp. 139-157.


Reinforcement of polystyrene by covalently bonded oxo-titanium clusters
Rozes L., Fornasieri G., Trabelsi, S., Creton C., Zafeiropoulos N.E., Stamm M., Sanchez C.
Progress in Solid State Chemistry, Vol. 33, 2005, pp. 127-135.


One-pot synthesis and optical properties of Eu3+-doped nanocrystalline TiO2 and ZrO2
Julian B., Corberan R., Cordoncillo E., Escribano P., Viana B., Sanchez C.
Nanotechnology, Vol. 16, 2005, pp. 2707-2713.


Functionalized alkoxy tin clusters as nanobuilding blocks for hybrid materials.
Martinez-Ferrero E., Ribot F., Rozes L., Sanchez C., Matejka L.
Progress in Solid State Chemisty, Vol. 33, 2005, pp. 89-97.


A 900°C stable nanocrystalline g aluminalayers with highly ordered 3D mesoporosity.
Kummel M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Smarsly B., Brezesinski T., AlbouyP. A., Amenitsch H., Sanchez C.
Angewandte Chemie, Vol. 117, 2005, pp. 4665-4668.


Hybrid non silica mesoporous thin films.
Angelomé P. C., Adalbe-Bilmes S., Calvo M. E., Crepaldi E. L., GrossoD., Sanchez C., Soler-Illia G. J. A. A.
N.J.C., Vol. 29, 2005, pp. 141.


Preparation of multinanocrystalline transition metal oxide (TiO2-NiTiO3)thin films porous cubic mesostructures.
Ortis D., Boissière C., Grosso D., Albouy P. A., Amenitsch H., AmorosP., Sanchez C.
N.J.C., Vol. 29, 2005, pp. 141.


Combined first-principles computational and experimentalmultinuclear solid-state NMR investigation of amino acids
Gervais C., Dupree R., Pike K.J., Bonhomme C., Profeta M., Pickard C.J., MauriF.
J. Phys. Chem. A, Vol. 109, 2005, pp. 6960-6969.


In situ evaluation of interfacial affinity in CeO2 based hybrid nanoparticlesby pulsed field gradient NMR
Ribot F., Escax V., Roiland C., Sanchez C., Martins J. C., Biesemans M., VerbruggenI., Willem R.
Chem. Commun., 2005, pp. 1019-1021.


Phosporous-doped MCM-41 as bioactivematerial.
Vallet-Regi M., Izquierdo-Barba I., Ramila A., Pariente-Perez J., Babonneau F., Gonzales-Calbet J. M.
Solid State Sciences, Vol. 7, 2005, pp. 233-237.


Immobilized-polysiloxane ethyl aminobenzoate derivatives. Synthesis, characterizations and applications.
El-Ashgar N. M., El-Nahhal I. M., Chehimi M. M., Babonneau F., Livage J.
Reactive and Functional Polymers, Vol. 63, 2005, pp. 199-213.


The use of multinuclear solid stateNMR for the characterization of siloxane-oxide hybrid nanocomposites.
Gervais C., Julian B., Cordoncillo E., Escribano P., Smith M. E., Babonneau F., Sanchez C.
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Thermal stability of periodic mesoporousCiCO glasses
Toury B., Blum R., Goletto V., Babonneau F.
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Structural control in germania hybridorganic-inorganic materials.
Alonso B., Massiot D., Babonneau F., Brusatin G., Giustina G., Kidchob T., InnocenziP.
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Synthesis of boron nitride with ordered mesostructure.
Dibandjo P., Bois L., Chassagneux F., Cornu D., Letoffe J.M., Toury B.,Babonneau F., Miele Ph.
Adv. Mater., Vol. 17, 2005, pp. 571-574.


Self-assembly and crystallization behavior of mesoporous, crystalline HfO2thin films : amodel system for the generation of mesostructured transition-metaloxides.
Brezesinski T., Smarsly B., Iimura K. I., Grosso D., Boissière C., AmenitschH., Antonietti M., Sanchez C.
Small, Vol. 1, 2005, pp. 889-898.

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