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**Publications dans revue à C.L., 2008


Liquid crystalline properties of type I collagen : Perspectives in tissue morphogenesis.
Giraud-Guille M. M., Belamie E., Mosser G., Helary C., Gobeaux F., Vigier S.
Compte-Rendu de Chimie, vol. 11, 2008, pp. 245-252.


Structured Hybrid Nanoparticles via Surface-Initiated ATRP of Methyl Methacrylate from Ordered Mesoporous Silica.
Audouin F., Blas H., Pasetto P., Beaunier P., Boissière C., Sanchez C., Save M., Charleux B.
Macromolecular Rapid communications, vol. 29, 2008, pp. 914-921.


Eu(3+)@ Organo-Si (HIPE) Macro-Mesocellular Hybrid Foams Generattion : Syntheses, Characterizations, and Photonic Properties.
Brun N., Lopez P. J., Hesemann P., Laurent G., Deleuze H., Sanchez C., Achard M.-F., Backov R.
Chemistry of Materials, vol. 20, 2008, pp. 7117-7129.


Sorption Properties of Mesoporous Multilayer Thin Films.
Fuertes M.-C., Colodrero S., Lozano G., Gonzales-Calbet J. M., Grosso D., Boissière C., Sanchez C., Galo J., Miguez H.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Letters, vol. 112, 2008, pp. 3157-3163.


Europium-Doped Mesoporous Titania Thin Films : Rare-Earth Locations and Emission Fluctuations under Illumination.
Leroy C. M., Cardinal T., Jubera V., Treguer-Delapierre M., Majimel J., Manaud J.-P., Backov R., Boissière C., Grosso D., Sanchez C., Viana B., Pelle F.
ChemPhysChem, vol. 9, 2008, pp. 2077-2084.


Optical Properties of Hybrid Dendritic-Mesoporous Titania Nanocomposite Films.
Martinez- Ferrero E., Franc G., Mazères S., Turrin C.-O., Boissière C., Caminade A.-M., Majoral J.-P., Sanchez C.
Chemistry European Journal., vol. 14, 2008, pp. 7658-7669.


First Pd@ Organo#Si (HIPE) Open-Cell Hybrid Monoliths Generation Offering Cyling Heck Catalysis Reactions.
Ungureanu S., Deleuze H., Sanchez C., Popa M., Backov R.
Chemistry of Materials, vol. 20, 2008, pp. 6494-6500.


Vanadium Oxide-PANI Nanocomposite-Based Macroscopic Fibers : 1D Alcohol Sensors Bearing Enhanced Toughness.
Dexmer J., Leroy C. M., Binet L., Heresanu V., Launois P., Steunou N., Coulon C., Maquet J., Brun N., Livage J., Backov R.
Chem.Mater., vol. 20, 2008, pp. 5541-5549.


Ecodesign of Ordered Mesoporous Materials Obtained with Swithchable Micellar Assemblies
Baccile N., Reboul J., Blanc B., Coq B., Lacroix-Desmazes P., In M., Gérardin C.
Angew. Chem. int. Ed., Vol. 47, 2008, pp. 8433-8437.


Bio-inspired synthetic pathways and beyond : integrative chemistry.
Prouzet E., Ravaine S., Sanchez C., Backov R.
New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 32, 2008, pp. 1284-1299.


Relation between the redox state of iron-based nanoparticules and their cytotoxicity towards Escherichia Coli.
Auffan M., Achouak W., Rose J., Chanéac C., Waite T. D., Masion A., Woicik J. C., Wiesner M. R.
Environmental Science and Technology, 2008, pp. 6730-6735.


Magnetic nanorods confined in a lamellar lyotropic phase.
Beneut K., Constantin K., Davidson P., Dessombz A., Chanéac C.
Langmuir, 2008, pp. 8205-8209.


Grafting on nanoparticules : is solid-state NMR a convenient tool of investigation?
Bonhomme C., Gervais C., de Monredon-Senani S., Coelho C.
Journal of Coatings Technology and Research, vol. 5, 2008, pp. 117-121.


New perspectives on Calcium Environments in Inorganic Materials Containing Calicuim-Oxygen Bonds : A Combined Computational-Experimental 43 Ca NMR approach.
Gervais C., Laurencin D., Wong A., Pourpoint F., Labram J., Woodward B., Howes A.-P., Pike K. J., Dupree R., Mauri F., Bonhomme C., Smith M. E.
Chem.Phys.Lett., vol. 464, 2008, pp. 42-48.


Lanthanide doped ZnS quantum dots dispersed in silica glasses : an easy one pot sol-gel synthesis for obtaining novel photonic materials.
Planelles J., Julian-Lopez B., Cordoncillo E., Escribano P., Pelle F., Viana B., Sanchez C.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, vol. 18, 2008, pp. 5193-5199.


Hybrid mesostructured thin films functionalized with DBM as new selective sensors of BF3.
Banet P., Legagneux L., Hesemann P., Moreau J. J. E., Nicole L., Quach A., Sanchez C., Tran-Thi T. H.
Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, Vol. 130, 2008, pp. 1-8.


Highly ordered metal oxide nanopatterns prepared by template-assisted chemical solution deposition.
Kuemmel M., Boissière C., Nicole L., Laberty-Robert C., Sanchez C., Grosso D.
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, Vol. 48, 2008, pp. 102-112.


New insights into the nanostructure of high-C SiCO glasses obtained via polymer pyrolysis.
Dibandjo P., Diré S., Babonneau F., Soraru G. D.
Glass Technology : European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part A, Vol. 130, 2008, pp. 175-178.


Luminescence of heat-treated silicon-based polymers : promising materials for LED applications.
Menapace I., Mera G., Riedel R., Erdem E., Eichel R.-A., Pauletti A., Appleby G. A.
J. Mater. Sci., Vol. 43, 2008, pp. 5790-5796.


Liquid crystallinity in collagen systems in vitro and in vivo.
Giraud-Guille M. M., Mosser G., Belamie E.
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, Vol. 13, 2008, pp. 303-313.


Wetting of heterogeneous nanopatterned inorganic surfaces.
Järn M., Brieler F. J., Kuemmel M., Grosso D., Linden M.
Chem. Mater., Vol. 20, 2008, pp. 1476-1483.

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