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Maître de conférences

Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)

Collège de France - Bat. C
11, place Marcelin Berthelot
75231 Paris Cedex 05

Tél. : +33 1 44 27 14 42
Bureau :   0309
email : marco.faustini@upmc.fr
Biography and activities

Marco Faustini is currently assistant professor at the University Pierre and Marie Curie and he works at Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris situated at College de France.

After his graduation in Materials Engineering from University of Trento (Italy), he carried out a PhD in Materials Chemistry and Physics at LCMCP on liquid deposition techniques, sol-gel chemistry, self-assembly and magnetic materials. He continued his researches at POSTECH (South Korea) as post-doctoral associate developing micro and nanofluidic devices for advanced chemical synthesis.

His current interests concern the fabrication of multi-scale nanostructured materials for optics, energy, data storage and nanofluidics by combining of chemical liquid deposition, self-assembly and lithography.

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