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Surface charge of acidic sophorolipid micelles: effect of base and time
Baccile N., Perdersen J.S., Pehau-Arnaudet G., and Van Bogaert I.N.A.
Soft Matter, 2013, 9, 4911-4922
D.O.I.: 10.1039/c3sm50160d


Hierarchical porosity in silica thin films by a one-step templating strategy using a stimuli-responsive bioderived glycolipid
Baccile N., Fontecave T., Boissière C., Van Bogaert I.N.A.
J.Phys. Chem. C, 2013, 117, 23899-23907


Sophorolipids-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles
Baccile N., Noiville R., Stievano L., and Van Bogaert I.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2013, 25, 1606-1620
D.O.I.: 10.1039/c2cp441977g


Sophorolipids-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles.
Baccile, N., R. Noiville, L. Stievano and I. Van Bogaert
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Vol., 15(5), 2013, pp.  1606-1620.
D.O.I: 10.1039/c2cp41977g


In Situ Time-Resolved SAXS Study of the Formation of Mesostructured Organically Modified Silica through Modeling of Micelles Evolution during Surfactant-Templated Self-Assembly.
Michaux, F., N. Baccile, M. Imperor-Clerc, L. Malfatti, N. Folliet, C. Gervais, S. Manet, F. Meneau, J. S. Pedersen and F. Babonneau
Langmuir, Vol., 28(50), 2012, pp.  17477-17493.


A general route to nanostructured M[V3O8] and M-x[V6O16] (x=1 and 2) and their first evaluation for building enzymatic biosensors.
Steunou, N., C. Mousty, O. Durupthy, C. Roux, G. Laurent, C. Simonnet-Jegat, J. Vigneron, A. Etcheberry, C. Bonhomme, J. Livage and T. Coradin
Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol., 22(30), 2012, pp.  15291-15302.


Unusual, pH-Induced, Self-Assembly Of Sophorolipid Biosurfactants.
Baccile, N., F. Babonneau, J. Jestin, G. Pehau-Arnaudet and I. Van Bogaert
Acs Nano, Vol., 6(6), 2012, pp.  4763-4776.
D.O.I: 10.1021/nn204911k


Biosurfactant-mediated one-step synthesis of hydrophobic functional imogolite nanotubes.
Thomas, B., T. Coradin, G. Laurent, R. Valentin, Z. Mouloungui, F. Babonneau and N. Baccile
RSC Advances, Vol., 2, 2012, pp.  426-435.
D.O.I: 10.1039/c1ra00442e


Hydrothermal carbon from biomass : structural differences between hydrothermal and pyrolyzed carbons via 13C Solid state NMR.
Falco, C., F. Perez Caballero, F. Babonneau, C. Gervais, G. Laurent, M.-M. Titirici and N. Baccile
Langmuir, Vol., 27, 2011, pp.  14460-14471.
D.O.I: 10.1021/la202361p


Morphological and structural differences between glucose, cellulose and lignocellulosic biomass derived hydrothermal carbons.
Falco, C., N. Baccile and M.-M. Titirici
Green Chemistry, Vol., 13, 2011, pp.  3273-3281.
D.O.I: 10.1039/c1gc15742f


Kinetics of the formation of 2D-Hexagonal silica nanostructured materials by nonionic block copolymer templating in solution.
Manet, S., J. Schmitt, M. Impéror-Clerc, V. Zholobenko, D. Durand, O. L. P. Oliveira, J. S. Pedersen, C. Gervais, N. Baccile, F. Babonneau, I. Grillo, F. Meneau and C. Rochas
The journal of physical chemistry B, Vol., 115, 2011, pp.  11330-11344.


Mesostructured silica from amino acid-based surfactant formulations and sodium silicate at neutral pH.
Thomas, B., N. Baccile, S. Masse, S. Rondel, I. Alric, R. Valentin, Z. Mouloungui, F. Babonneau and T. Coradin
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, Vol., 58(1), 2011, pp.  170-174.
D.O.I: 10.1007/s1097101023729


Structural Insights on Nitrogen-Containing Hydrothermal Carbon Using Solid-State Magic Angle Spinning(13)C and (15)N Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Baccile, N., G. Laurent, C. Coelho, F. Babonneau, L. Zhao and M. M. Titirici
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol., 115(18), 2011, pp.  8976-8982.
D.O.I: 10.1021/jp2015512


Sophorolipids : a yeast-derived glycolipid as greener structure directing agents for self-assembled nanomaterials.
Baccile N., Nassif N., Malfatti L., Van Bogaert I., Soetaert W., Pehau-Arnaudet G., Babonneau F.
Green Chemistry, Vol. 12, 2010, pp. 1564-1567.


Sustainable nitrogen-doped carbonaceous materials from biomass derivatives.
Zhao L., Baccile N., Gross S., Zhang Y., Wei W., Sun Y., Antonietti M., Titirici M.-M.
Science Direct Vol. 48, 2010, pp. 3778-3787.


Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance: A valuable tool to explore organic-inorganic interfaces in silica-based hybrid materials.
Babonneau F., Baccile N., Laurent G., Maquet J., Azais T., Gervais C., Bonhomme C.
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Introducing ecodesign in silica sol-gel materials.
Baccile N., Babonneau F., Bejoy T., Coradin T.
Journal of Materials Chemistry, Vol. 19, 2009, pp. 8537-8559.


Structural Characterization of HYdrothermal Carbon Spheres by Advanced Solid-State MAS 13 C NMR Investigations 
Baccile N., Laurent G., Babonneau F., Fayon F., Titirici M-M., Antonietti M.
J. Phys. Chem. C., Vol. 113, 2009, pp. 9644–9654.


Ecodesign of Ordered Mesoporous Materials Obtained with Swithchable Micellar Assemblies
Baccile N., Reboul J., Blanc B., Coq B., Lacroix-Desmazes P., In M., Gérardin C.
Angew. Chem. int. Ed., Vol. 47, 2008, pp. 8433-8437.


NMR Characterisation of the Organic/SiO2 Interfaces in Templated Porous Silica.
Baccile N., Laurent G., Azais T., Babonneau F.Magnetic Resonance in Material Science (MRS Fall Meeting 2006), Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. , 2007, pp.

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