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Publications in 2007

1. L. Vastel, C. Masse, E. Crozier, F. Padilla, P. Laugier, D. Mitton, R. Bardonnet, and J. P. Courpied, “Effects of gamma irradiation on mechanical properties of defatted trabecular bone allografts assessed by speed-of-sound measurement,” Cell Tissue Bank 8(3), 205-210 (2007).

2. T. J. Ulrich, P. A. Johnson, M. Müller, D. Mitton, M. Talmant, and P. Laugier, “Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Monitoring Progressive Fatigue Damage in Human Bone,” Applied Phys Letter 91, 213901 (2007).

3. K. Raum, T. Hofman, I. Leguerney, A. Saïed, F. Peyrin, L. Vico, and P. Laugier, “Variations of microstructure, mineral density and tissue elasticity in B6/C3H mice,” Bone 41(6), 1017-1024 (2007).

4. P. Moilanen, M. Talmant, P. H. F. Nicholson, S. Cheng, J. Timonen, and P. Laugier, “Ultrasonically determined thickness of long cortical bones : three-dimensional simulations of in vitro experiments,” J Acoust Soc Am 122(4), 2439-2445 (2007).

5. P. Moilanen, M. Talmant, V. Bousson, P. H. F. Nicholson, S. Cheng, J. Timonen, and P. Laugier, “Ultrasonically determined thickness of long cortical bones : two-dimensional simulations of in vitro experiments,” J Acoust Soc Am 122(3), 1818-1826 (2007).

6. P. Laugier, G. Haiat, and F. Padilla, “Computer simulations of ultrasonic propagation in trabecular bone,” Computers Biol Med 37(12), 1827-1828 (2007).

7. G. Haiat, F. Padilla, F. Peyrin, and P. Laugier, “Variation of Ultrasonic Parameters with Microstructure and Material Properties of Trabecular Bone : a Three-Dimensional Model Simulation,” J Bone Miner Res 22(5), 665-674 (2007).

8. S. Dencks, R. Barkmann, P. Laugier, G. Haïat, F. Padilla, and C.-C. Glüer, “Introduction of a wavelet-based method for more robust Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) signal processing to estimate bone mineral density at the proximal femur,” Ultrasound Med Biol 33(6), 970-980 (2007).

9. M. Boudinet, O. Bergès, L. Lumbroso, L. Desjardins, and P. Laugier, “Quantitative echography in the follow-up of patients treated with proton beam irradiation for primary choroidal melanomas,” Ultrasound Med biol 33(7), 1046-1056 (2007).

10. E. Bossy, P. Laugier, and F. Padilla, “Attenuation in trabecular bone : a face-to-face comparison between numerical simulation and experimental results,” J Acoust Soc Am 122(4), 2469-2475 (2007).

11. C. Baron, M. Talmant, and P. Laugier, “Effect of porosity on effective stiffness (c11, c 22, c33, c44, c55 and c66) and elastic anisotropy of cortical bone at 1 MHz : a finite-difference time domain study,” J Acoust Soc Am 122(3), 1810-1817 (2007).

12. R. Barkmann, P. Laugier, U. Moser, S. Dencks, F. Padilla, G. Haiat, M. Heller, and C. C. Gluer, “A method for the estimation of femoral bone mineral density from variables of ultrasound transmission through the human femur,” Bone (1), 37-44 (2007).

13. L. Bridal, “Ultrasound imaging,” in Textbood of in vivo imaging in vertebrates, V. Ntziachristos, A. Leroy-Willig, and B. Tavitian, Eds. West Sussex England : John Wiley & Sons, 2007, pp. 79-102.

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15. PDF Molecular origin of model membrane bending rigidity. E. Kurtisovski, N. Taulier, R. Ober, M. Waks, W. Urbach. Phys Rev Lett 98 (2007) 258103.