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Publications en 2007

1. L. Vastel, C. Masse, E. Crozier, F. Padilla, P. Laugier, D. Mitton, R. Bardonnet, and J. P. Courpied, « Effects of gamma irradiation on mechanical properties of defatted trabecular bone allografts assessed by speed-of-sound measurement, » Cell Tissue Bank 8(3), 205-210 (2007).

2. T. J. Ulrich, P. A. Johnson, M. Müller, D. Mitton, M. Talmant, and P. Laugier, « Application of Nonlinear Dynamics to Monitoring Progressive Fatigue Damage in Human Bone, » Applied Phys Letter 91, 213901 (2007).

3. K. Raum, T. Hofman, I. Leguerney, A. Saïed, F. Peyrin, L. Vico, and P. Laugier, « Variations of microstructure, mineral density and tissue elasticity in B6/C3H mice, » Bone 41(6), 1017-1024 (2007).

4. P. Moilanen, M. Talmant, P. H. F. Nicholson, S. Cheng, J. Timonen, and P. Laugier, « Ultrasonically determined thickness of long cortical bones : three-dimensional simulations of in vitro experiments, » J Acoust Soc Am 122(4), 2439-2445 (2007).

5. P. Moilanen, M. Talmant, V. Bousson, P. H. F. Nicholson, S. Cheng, J. Timonen, and P. Laugier, « Ultrasonically determined thickness of long cortical bones : two-dimensional simulations of in vitro experiments, » J Acoust Soc Am 122(3), 1818-1826 (2007).

6. P. Laugier, G. Haiat, and F. Padilla, « Computer simulations of ultrasonic propagation in trabecular bone, » Computers Biol Med 37(12), 1827-1828 (2007).

7. G. Haiat, F. Padilla, F. Peyrin, and P. Laugier, « Variation of Ultrasonic Parameters with Microstructure and Material Properties of Trabecular Bone : a Three-Dimensional Model Simulation, » J Bone Miner Res 22(5), 665-674 (2007).

8. S. Dencks, R. Barkmann, P. Laugier, G. Haïat, F. Padilla, and C.-C. Glüer, « Introduction of a wavelet-based method for more robust Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) signal processing to estimate bone mineral density at the proximal femur, » Ultrasound Med Biol 33(6), 970-980 (2007).

9. M. Boudinet, O. Bergès, L. Lumbroso, L. Desjardins, and P. Laugier, « Quantitative echography in the follow-up of patients treated with proton beam irradiation for primary choroidal melanomas, » Ultrasound Med biol 33(7), 1046-1056 (2007).

10. E. Bossy, P. Laugier, and F. Padilla, « Attenuation in trabecular bone : a face-to-face comparison between numerical simulation and experimental results, » J Acoust Soc Am 122(4), 2469-2475 (2007).

11. C. Baron, M. Talmant, and P. Laugier, « Effect of porosity on effective stiffness (c11, c 22, c33, c44, c55 and c66) and elastic anisotropy of cortical bone at 1 MHz : a finite-difference time domain study, » J Acoust Soc Am 122(3), 1810-1817 (2007).

12. R. Barkmann, P. Laugier, U. Moser, S. Dencks, F. Padilla, G. Haiat, M. Heller, and C. C. Gluer, « A method for the estimation of femoral bone mineral density from variables of ultrasound transmission through the human femur, » Bone (1), 37-44 (2007).

13. L. Bridal, « Ultrasound imaging, » in Textbood of in vivo imaging in vertebrates, V. Ntziachristos, A. Leroy-Willig, and B. Tavitian, Eds. West Sussex England : John Wiley & Sons, 2007, pp. 79-102.

14. L. Bridal, « Imagerie fonctionnelle de contraste, » in Echographie de contraste, F. Tranquart, J.-M. Correas, and A. Bouakaz, Eds. Paris France : Springer-Verlag France, 2007, pp. 61-72.

15. PDF Molecular origin of model membrane bending rigidity. E. Kurtisovski, N. Taulier, R. Ober, M. Waks, W. Urbach. Phys Rev Lett 98 (2007) 258103.