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Publications en 2002

Albrecht T, Barr R, Blomley M, Burns P, Calliada F, Campani R, Claudon M, Correas J-M, Lafortune M, Leen E, Robbin M, Weber T, Wilson S 2002 Seeking consensus : Contrast ultrasound in radiology. Invest Radiol 37:205-214.

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Chaffai S, Peyrin F, Nuzzo S, Porcher R, Berger G, Laugier P 2002 Ultrasonic characterization of human cancellous bone using transmission and backscatter measurements : relationships to density and microstructure. Bone 30(1):229-37.

Correas J-M, Lai X, Qi X, Burns PN, Moreau J-F 2002 In vivo quantification of a US contrast agent : pulsed Doppler intensitometry vs power Doppler quantification. Acad Radiol 9:S1-S227.

Correas JM, Kurtisovski E, Bridal SL, Amararene A, Helenon O, Berger G 2002 Optimizing an ultrasound contrast agent’s stability using in vitro attenuation measurements. Invest Radiol 37(12):672-9.

Gomez MA, Defontaine M, Giraudeau B, Camus E, Colin L, Laugier P, Patat F 2002 In vivo performance of a matrix-based quantitative ultrasound imaging device dedicated to calcaneus investigation. Ultrasound Med Biol 28(10):1285-93.

Lefevre F, Correas J-M, Briancon S, Hélénon O, Kessler M, Claudon M 2002 Contrast-enhanced sonography of the renal transplant using triggered pulse iversion imaging. Preliminary results. Ultrasound Med Biol 28:303-314.

Ouedraogo E, Lasaygues P, Lefebvre JP, Gindre M, Talmant M, Laugier P 2002 Contrast and velocity ultrasonic tomography of long bones. Ultrason Imaging 24(3):139-60.

Pellaumail B, Watrin A, Loeuille D, Netter P, Berger G, Laugier P, Saied A 2002 Effect of articular cartilage proteoglycan depletion on high frequency ultrasound backscatter. Osteoarthritis Cartilage 10(7):535-41.

Taulier N, Waks M, Gulik-Krzywicki T, Urbach W 2002 Interactions between transmembrane proteins embedded in a lamellar phase, stabilized by steric interactions. Europhysical Letters 59:142-148.

Tsapis N, Ober E, Everett J, Kauffman J, Kahn P, Waks M, Urbach W 2002 Modification of the elastic constants of a peptide-decorated lamellar phase. Langmuir 18:4384-4392.

Urbach W, Le Huérou J-Y, Waks M, Valdez D 2002 Intermediate state in beta-lactoglobulin compressibility evidenced during the beta-sheet to alpha-helix transition. Biophys J 82(2):676.