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Publications en 2009

1. L. Vastel, C. Masse, E. Crozier, P. Mesnil, F. Padilla, P. Laugier, D. Mitton, R. Bardonnet, and J.-P. Courpied, « Comparative ultrasound evaluation of human trabecular bone graft properties after treatment with different sterilisation procedures, » J Biomed Mat Res part B (2009).

2. M. Talmant, S. Kolta, C. Roux, D. Haguenauer, I. Vedel, B. Cassou, E. Bossy, and P. Laugier, « In vivo performance evaluation of bi-directional ultrasonic axial transmission for cortical bone assessment, » Ultrasound Med Biol 35(6), 912-919 (2009).

3. W. J. Parnell and Q. Grimal, « The influence of mesoscale porosity on cortical bone anisotropy. Investigations via asymptotic homogenization, » J R Soc Interface 6(30), 97-109 (2009).

4. K. Mizuno, M. Matsukawa, T. Otani, P. Laugier, and F. Padilla, « Propagation of two longitudinal waves in human cancellous bone : an in vitro study, » J Acoust Soc Am. 125(5), 3460-3466 (2009).

5. G. Haïat, S. Naili , Q. Grimal, M. Talmant, C. Desceliers, and C. Soize, « Influence of a gradient of material properties on ultrasonic wave propagation in cortical bone : application to axial transmission, » J Acoust Soc Am 125(6), 4043-4052 (2009).

6. C. Desceliers, C. Soize, Q. Grimal, M. Talmant, and S. Naili, « Determination of the random anisotropic elasticity layer using transient wave propagation in a fluid-solid multilayer : model and experiments, » J Acoust Soc Am 125(4), 2027-2034 (2009).

7. Bosisio, M. ; Maisonneuve, C. ; Gregoire, S. ; Kettaneh, A. ; Mueller, C. ; Bridal, S., Ultrasound biomicroscopy : a powerful tool probing muring lymph node size in vivo. Ultrasound Med Biol 2009, sous presse.

8. Bridal, S. ; Lamuraglia, M., Physics of ultrasound. In Essential Applications of US in Rheumatology, Elsevier : Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 2009 ; p sous presse.

9. Lu, M. H. ; Zheng, Y. P. ; Huang, Q. H. ; Ling, C. ; Wang, Q. ; Bridal, L. ; Qin, L. ; Mak, A., Noncontact Evaluation of Articular Cartilage Degeneration Using a Novel Ultrasound Water Jet Indentation System. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 2009, 37, (1), 164-175.

10. C. Pellot-Barakat, S. Mulé, A. De Cesare, M. Lamuraglia, O. Lucidarme, L. Bridal, A. Herment, and F. Frouin, « FAMIS based evaluation of a regularized attenuation correction method in contrast ultrasound imaging, » Ingénierie et Recherche Biomédicale, vol. 30, pp. 174-178, 2009.

11. M. Lamuraglia, L. Bridal, M. Santin, I. G, P. A, and O. Lucidarme, « Clinical relevance of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in monitoring anti-angiogenic therapy of cancer, » Critical Reviews in Oncol Hematol, vol. June 20 [Epub ref], 2009.

12. A. Guibal, L. Taillade, S. Mulé, E. Comperat, Y. Badachi, J. Golmard, D. Le Guillou, O. Rixe, L. Bridal, and O. Lucidarme, « Noninvasive contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging quantitative assessment of tumor microcirculation in a murine model : Effect of stopping anti-VEGF therapy, » Radiology, vol. sous presse, 2009.

13. M. Bosisio, J. Hasquenoph, L. Sandrin, P. Laugier, L. Bridal, and Y. Sylvain, « Real-time chirp-coded imaging with a programmable ultrasound biomicroscope, » IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. sous presse, 2009.

14. Tracking Membrane Protein Association in Model Membranes. M. Reffay, Y. Gambin, H. Benabdelhak, G. Phan, N. Taulier, A. Ducruix, R. S. Hodges, W. Urbach. [PLoS ONE 4 (2009)

15. PDF Phospholipid decoration of microcapsules containing perfluorooctyl bromide used as ultrasound contrast agents. R. Diaz-Lopez, N. Tsapis, D. Libong, P. Chaminade, C. Connan, M.M. Chehimi, R. Berti, N. Taulier, W. Urbach, V. Nicolas, E. Fattal. Biomaterials 30 (2009) 1462-1472.

16. J. Mamou, A. Coron, M. Hata, J. Machi, E. Yanagihara, P. Laugier, and E. J. Feleppa. High-frequency quantitative ultrasound imaging of cancerous lymph nodes. Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 48:07GK08–1–07GK08–8, 2009.

17. Relationship between ultrasonic parameters and apparent trabecular bone elastic modulus : A numerical approach G. Haïat, F. Padilla, M. Svrcekova, Y. Chevalier, D. Pahr, F. Peyrin, P. Laugier, P. Zysset. J Biomech. In Press, Available oline 2009.

18. Femur ultrasound (FemUS) : a first clinical results on hip fracture discrimination and estimation of femoral BMD R. Barkmann, S. Dencks, P. Laugier, F. Padilla, K. Brixen, J. Ryg, A. Seekamp, L. Mahlke, A. Bremer, M. Heller, C. C. Glüer. Osteoporos Int. Available Online, DOI 10.1007/s00198-009-1037-4, 2009.

19. M. Pakula, F. Padilla and P. Laugier. Influence of the filling fluid on frequency-dependent velocity and attenuation in cancellous bones between 0.35 and 2.5 MHz. Accepted for publication by J Acoust Soc Am. 2009.

20. Grimal, Q., S. Haupert, D. Mitton, L. Vastel, and P. Laugier, Assessment of cortical bone elasticity and strength : mechanical testing and ultrasound provide complementary data. Med Eng Phys, 2009. 31(9) : p. 1140-7.

21. Longo, R., Q. Grimal, P. Laugier, S. Vanlanduit, and P. Guillaume, Simultaneous determination of acoustic velocity and density of a cortical bone slab : ultrasonic model-based approach. IEEE-TUFFC, 2009. in press.