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Ultrasound Contrast Agents

Current Research Projets

Developpment of novel UCA.

The design of new UCA is done through collaborations, and consists to introduce fluid cavities into micro or nano particles in order to give them echogenic properties. These systems are polymeric particles (in collaboration with N. Tsapis and E. Fattal from UMR 8612 du CNRS) orfluor particles (in collaboration with B. Pucci)

Experimental studies

We are measuring the backscattered signal and the signal scattered at 90° by solutions of particles. We use frequencies from 5 to 50 MHz. The measurements permit to obtain the fondamental and harmonics responses from the UCA solutions. As this response is bound to the UCA elastic properties, we are also studying them, in particular the density and compressibility of the UCA and of its components. The goal is to able to correlate the ultrasound response of an UCA to its elastic properties

Simulations We have adapted the code SimSonic to model the propagation of an ultrasound wave through a solution of ultrasound contrast agents. Using this code, we can measure the backscattered signal from UCA possessing characteristic elastic and structural properties. The results from simulation are compare to experimental data to gain insight about the correlation between echogenic and elastic properteis of UCA.

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