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Caractérisation du microendommagement.

Contacts : Maryline Talmant, Pascal Laugier, Sylvain Haupert.

Bone microdamage accumulation due to bone remodelling disorders has important consequences on bone mechanical properties (decrease of bone toughness and stiffness) contributing to increase skeletal fragility and fracture risk. Therefore, bone microdamage characterization in vivo could provide relevant information on bone quality.

We develop a set of experiments under controlled conditions in order to gain better understanding of the nonlinear acoustic response of bone tissue. Different methods are applied, such as Nonlinear Wave Modulation Spectroscopy (NWMS), Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (NRUS) and Dynamic Acoustoelastic Testing (DAT). Our goal is to investigate relationships between measured nonlinear parameters (elastic and dissipative) and microdamage and to establish operational relationships between the nonlinear response and bone microdamage characteristics such as density of cracks, length, position, orientation, area…

The ultimate goal of this research topic is the development of technologies to assess in vivo the level of bone damage.