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Séminaire d’A. Prosperetti (8 Juillet 2010).

Séminaire général d’Alembert.

Bubbles and particles for fun and profit

Andrea Prosperetti [1].

In part, the fun will be evident and in part - hopefully - it will be in the eye of the beholder. The profit part has to do with the use of bubbles in microfluidic systems. Several applications will be described: a vapor-bubble-based micropump, vapor bubbles as actuators, gas bubbles powering an “acoustic fish”. Some experimental results will be described with modeling and numerical aspects. A physics-based numerical method for finite-size particles in full Navier-Stokes simulations will also be described and illustrated with several applications to laminar and turbulent flow.

Date : Jeudi 8 Juillet 2010 à 11h00.

Lieu : Site de Saint-Cyr, bâtiment 9, salle de la bibliothèque.

[1] Johns Hopkins University and University of Twente