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Publications en 2012

Kawabe M, Fukui K, Matsukawa M, Granke M, Saïed A, Grimal Q, and Laugier P. Comparative investigation of elastic properties in a trabecula using micro-Brillouin scattering and scanning acoustic microscopy. JASA, 132(1):EL54-EL60, 2012

Langer, M. ; Pacureanu, A. ; Suhonen, H. ; Grimal, Q. ; Cloetens, P. ; Peyrin, F. X-ray phase nanotomography resolves the 3D human bone ultrastructure. PLoS ONE, in press

Rohrbach, D., Lakshmanan S., Peyrin F., Langer, M., Gerisch, A., Grimal, Q., Laugier, P., Raum, K. Spatial distribution of tissue level properties in a human femoral cortical bone. J Biomech. 2012 Aug 31 ;45(13):2264-70

Nauleau, P. ; Cochard, E. ; Minonzio, J-G. ; Grimal, Q. ; Laugier, P. and Prada, C. Characterization of circumferential guided waves in a cortical bone-mimicking cylindrical phantom. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 131(4), EL289-94, 2012.

Parnell, W. J. ; Vu, M. B. ; Grimal, Q. and Naili, S. Analytical methods to determine the effective mesoscopic and macroscopic elastic properties of cortical bone. Biomech Model Mechanobiol, 11(6), 883-901, 2012.

Grondin, J. ; Grimal, Q. ; Yamamoto, K. ; Matsukawa, M. ; Saïed, A. and Laugier, P. Relative contributions of porosity and mineralized matrix properties to the bulk axial ultrasonic wave velocity in human cortical bone. Ultrasonics, 52(4), 467-71, 2012.