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Publications en 2008

1. K. Wear, F. Padilla, and L. P., « Comparison of the Faran Cylinder Model and the Weak Scattering Model for predicting of frequency dependence of backscatter from human cancellous femur in vitro, » J Acoust Soc Am 124.(3), 1408-1410 (2008).

2. M. Sasso, G. Haiat, M. Talmant, P. Laugier, and S. Naili « SVD-based algorithm for axial transmission ultrasound technique application to cortical bone characterization, » IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelectr Freq Contr 55(1328-1332 ), 1328-1332 (2008).

3. A. Saïed, K. Raum, I. Leguerney, and P. Laugier, « Spatial distribution of acoustic impedance assessed by scanning acoustic microscopy (50 MHz) and its relation to porosity in human cortical bone, » Bone 43(1), 187-194 (2008).

4. W. J. Parnell and Q. Grimal, « The influence of mesoscale porosity on cortical bone anisotropy. Investigations via asymptotic homogenization, » J R Soc Interface (2008).

5. M. Pakula, F. Padilla, M. Kaczmarek, and P. Laugier, « Application of Biot’s theory to ultrasonic characterization of human cancellous bones. Part 1. Determination of structural, material and mechanical properties, » J Acoust Soc Am 123(4), 2415-2423 (2008).

6. F. Padilla, F. Jenson, V. Bousson, F. Peyrin, and P. Laugier, « Relationships of Trabecular bone structure with quantitative ultrasound parameters : in vitro study on human proximal femur using trasnmission and backscatter measurements, » Bone 42(6), 1193-1202 (2008).

7. F. Padilla, Q. Grimal, and P. Laugier, « Ultrasonic Propagation Through Trabecular Bone Modeled As A Random Medium, » Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47(5B)(2008).

8. M. Muller, T. J. Ulrich, M. Talmant, D. Mitton, P. Laugier, and P. Johnson, Application of nonlinear elastic wave spectroscopy (NEWS) to in vitro damage assessment in cortical bone, In Biomedical applications of vibration and acoustics for imaging, characterization and diagnostics (ASME Press, 2008).

9. M. Muller, D. Mitton, M. Talmant, P. A. Johnson, and P. Laugier, « Nonlinear ultrasound can detect accumulated damage in human bone, » J Biomech 41(5), 1062-1068 (2008).

10. M. Muller, D. Mitton, P. Moilanen, V. Bousson, M. Talmant, and P. Laugier, « Prediction of bone mechanical properties using QUS and p-QCT : study of the human distal radius, » Med Eng Physics 30(6), 761-767 (2008).

11. P. Moilanen, M. Talmant, V. Kilappa, P. Nicholson, S. Cheng, J. Timonen, and P. Laugier, « Modeling the impact of soft tissue on axial transmission measurements of ultrasonic guided waves in long bones, » J Acoust Soc Am 124(4), 2364-2373 (2008).

12. D. Le Guillou-Buffello, R. Bareille, M. Gindre, A. Sewing, P. Laugier, and J. Amédée-Vilamitjana, « Additive Effect of RGD Coating to Functionalized Titanium Surfaces on Human OsteoProgenitor Cell Adhesion and Spreading, » Tissue Eng Part A 14(8), 1445-1455 (2008).

13. P. Laugier, T.-L. Pham, and M. Talmant, « Quo vadis, ultrasonics of bone ? Present state and future trends, » Archives of Acoustics 33, 413-424 (2008).

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18. G. Haïat, F. Padilla, and P. Laugier, « Fast wave propagation in trabecular bone : numerical study of the influence of porosity and structural anisotropy, » J Acoust Soc Am 123(3), 1694-1705 (2008).

19. G. Haïat, A. Lhémery, F. Renaud, F. Padilla, P. Laugier, and S. Naili, « Frequency dependence of phase velocity in trabecular bone : influence of multiple scattering and of absorption, » J Acoust Soc Am 124( 6), 4047-4058 (2008).

20. Q. Grimal, K. Raum, A. Gerisch, and P. Laugier, « Derivation of the mesoscopic elasticity tensor of cortical bone from quantitative impedance images at the micron scale, » Comput Methods Biomech Biomed Engin 11(2), 147-157 (2008).

21. S. Dencks, R. Barkmann, F. Padilla, P. Laugier, G. Schmitz, and C.-C. Glüer, « Model-based estimation of Quantitative Ultrasound variables at the proximal femur, » IEEE Trans Ultrason Ferroelec Freq Contr 55(8), 1304-1315 (2008).

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