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Internal seminar: droplet generation and vestibular sensing
Par Manon Valet and Geoffrey Migault
Le 20 Septembre 2017 à 11h00 - Salle de séminaires 5ème étage, Tour 32-33


Manon will speak about "Quasi-static microdroplet production in a capillary trap"

Manon's abstract: "We have developed a method to produce aqueous microdroplets in an oil phase, based on the periodic extraction of a pending droplet across the oil/air interface. This interface forms a capillary
trap inside which a droplet can be captured and detached. This process is found to be capillary-
based and quasi-static. The droplet size and emission rate are independently governed by the injected
volume per cycle and the extraction frequency. We nd that the minimum droplet diameter is close
to the injection glass capillary diameter and that variations in surface tension moderately perturb
the droplet size. A theoretical model based on surface energy minimization in the oil/water/air
phases was derived and captures the experimental results. This method enables robust, versatile
and tunable production of microdroplets at low production rates."

Geoffrey will speak about "Light-sheet functional imaging during dynamic vestibular stimulation"

Geoffrey's abstract: "Light-sheet microscopy allows cell resolved whole-brain calcium imaging at several brain scans per second in zebrafish larvae. Currently this technique is not compatible with dynamic stimulation of the vestibular system. We developed an ultra stable miniaturized light-sheet microscope that can be rotated while performing whole-brain recordings. Rotating the microscope rotates the fish and stimulates the vestibular system while imaging always the same plane in the brain. We demonstrate volumetric whole-brain neuronal activity recordings during vestibular stimulation. We mapped the brain activity with cellular resolution of the vestibule-ocular reflex."