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Morphogenesis in molecular systems

News: We just got an ERC consolidator grant entitled 'Metabolic soft matter with life-like porperties'. It started in june 2018.


We are engineering synthetic chemical systems that reproduce essential dynamic features of networks and populations in biology. The objective of our biomimetic approach is two-fold. On the one hand, by studying simple, physics-like and controllable molecular systems that retain the essential features of their biological analogues we hope to provide new insights on the emergence of complex biological behaviors -such as gene regulation, and morphogenesis. On the other hand, these dynamic molecular systems can be regarded as a new kind of "life-like" materials capable of adapting and responding autonomously to their environment.

To this end we essentially use systems based on nucleic acid hybridization reactions because their reactivity can be easily predicted by, roughly, Watson-Crick pairing rules. More precisely we work we three powerful and complementary experimental systems. 1) The PEN DNA toolbox, a molecular programming language based on short DNA strands and three enzymes that can be kept out of equilibrium for tens of hours. 2) Cell-free transcription translation systems to study in vitro de dynamics of gene regulatory networks. 3) DNA self-assembled nanostructures called DNA origami. We further develop microfluidic and micropatterning techniques for the spatial and temporal control of these reactive systems.

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