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LJP research activities consist in Physics at the interface of with Biology and Medicine. We develop new experimental approaches to probe complex biological systems at different scales, and we develop bio-inspired systems to develop new concepts or to improve our understanding of given biological mechanisms. A large part of our research aims at exploring the response of a biological system to external perturbations. Finally, the LJP includes a theoretical component closely interacting with experimenters.

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Natural selection of compartmentalized autocatalytic chemical reactions
By Philippe Nghe (ESPCI)
January 21, 2020 at 11:00AM - Salle de séminaires 5ème étage, Tour 32-33
Natural selection, the differential reproduction and survival (differential fitness) of individuals due to differences in phenotype, is an essential component of evolution in biological systems. ...

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JAN 2020
Séminaire/débat: Crise de l'entropie
La prochaine séance du groupe de réflexion "Faire de la recherche dans un monde fini" sera ...
DEC 2019
Habilitation defense - Volker Bormuth
Volker Bormut has the pleasure to invite you to his HdR defence entitled:‘Mechanosensitivity of ...
NOV 2019
Séminaire/débat: Les ressources énergétiques sont-elles finies?
Dans le cadre du groupe de réflexion "Faire de la recherche dans un monde fini", André ...
NOV 2019
Creation of the work group: 'Research in a finite world'
For some time, we have been questioning the constraints that resource limitations impose on our societies. ...
NOV 2019
PhD defense - Amaury Monmeyran
I am pleased to invite you to my PhD defense, November 4th at 2:30pm in amphithéatre Charpak. My PhD ...
OCT 2019
Science festival
The lab has a stand at the university Fête de la Science

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Spatiotemporal pattern formation in E. coli biofilms explained by a simple physical energy balance - Soft Matter
P. Thomen , J.D. Valentin , A.F. Bitbol , N. Henry
  URL Full text PDF Bibtex doi:10.1039/c9sm01375j
Stick-slip dynamics of cell adhesion triggers spontaneous symmetry breaking and directional migration of mesenchymal cells on one-dimensional lines - Science Advances
K. Hennig , I. Wang , P. Moreau , L. Valon , S. DeBeco , M. Coppey , Y.A. Miroshnikova , C. Albiges-Rizo , C. Favard , R. Voituriez , M. Balland
  URL Full text PDF Bibtex doi:10.1126/sciadv.aau5670
Active diffusion in oocytes nonspecifically centers large objects during prophase I and meiosis I - The Journal of Cell Biology
A. Colin , G. Letort , N. Razin , M. Almonacid , W. Ahmed , T. Betz , M.E. Terret , N.S. Gov , R. Voituriez , Z. Gueroui , M.H. Verlhac
  URL Full text PDF Bibtex doi:10.1083/jcb.201908195
Polyanisotropic Magnetoelectric Coupling in an Electrically Controlled Molecular Spin Qubit - J. Am. Chem. Soc.
J. Robert , N. Parizel , P. Turek , A. K. Boudalis
  URL Full text PDF Bibtex doi:10.1021/jacs.9b09101