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Soutenance HDR Elie Wandersman
DÉC 2018

It is my pleasure to invite you to the defense of my HDR entitled
'Deformation and transport couplings, from soft matter Physics to mechanotransduction processes in Biology'.
I will mostly present my research on tactile perception physics using biomimetic approaches.

You are also invited to the buffet that will follow (around 17.30).
Date: Friday, December 14th at 14:00
Defense location: Salle de réunion de l'IMPMC, tour 23, 4e étage, couloir 22-23, salle 401. Campus Jussieu, Sorbonne Université.
Buffet Location (around 17h30):Salle de séminaires du LJP, tower 33, 5th floor, corridor 32-33.