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Creation of the work group: 'Research in a finite world'
NOV 2019

For some time, we have been questioning the constraints that resource limitations impose on our societies. Energy, material, environmental 'services', these quantities are subject to limits, either in terms of flow or in terms of stock. Confronted with these problems that are, both scientifically and politically, extraordinary complex we wished to create a work group to learn, reflect and exchange ideas on this topic. We called this group 'Research in a finite world' and it has two modest goals at this stage:

- Set up a reading club and monthly discussion to learn how to describe this complex world of finite resources. The first meeting will take place Thursday 21/11 next from 10am to 12pm in the LJP seminar room (Jussieu, tower 32-33, 5th floor). The theme: Are energy resources finished?

-Calculate the carbon footprint of our laboratory

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Jean-Noël Fuchs  (LPTMC)
Guillaume Sarfati (LJP)
André Estevez-Torres (LJP)