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Anne-Florence Bitbol anne-florence.bitbol@upmc.fr
CNRS Research Scientist
Office (room 510)
(+33) 1 44 27 40 29
(+33) 1 44 27 47 16

Research interests

Stochastic dynamics of reactive and living systems


I am interested in understanding living organisms and living matter thanks to physics, especially statistical physics, but also thanks to other quantitative approaches. I perform both analytical work and numerical simulations, and I enjoy collaborating with experimentalists. My work spans various scales, from molecules and cells to populations.

For my PhD, at Universite Paris-Diderot, I worked on the statistics and dynamics of complex membranes.

For my postdoc, at Princeton University (USA), I worked on various aspects of the link between functions and constraints in multi-protein complexes.

More details are available on my webpage.



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