A simple device to immobilize protists for electrophysiology and microinjection

A. Kulkarni, , I. Elices, , N. Escoubet , L.L. Pontani , A.M. Prevost , R. Brette

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Journal of Experimental Biology
Published 14 May 2020
DOI: 10.1242/jeb.219253


We present a simple device to mechanically immobilize motile cells such as ciliates. It can be used in particular for intracellular electrophysiology and microinjection. A transparent filter with holes smaller than the specimen is stretched over an outlet. A flow is induced by either a peristaltic pump or a depressurized tank, mechanically entraining cells to the bottom, where they immobilize against the filter. The cells start swimming again as soon as the flow is stopped. We demonstrate the device by recording action potentials in Paramecium and injecting a fluorescent dye in the cytosol.

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